Tree surgery can help to maximise space, light and aesthetics without the necessity of removing trees altogether. Where removal is required, trees can be felled or dismantled. We are happy to discuss options for individual properties so please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Our services include the following:

dismantling larch tree
  • Unsafe/storm damaged trees felled or made safe – emergency 24 hour call out
  • Tree surgery – crown lifting, thinning and reduction, pollarding, limb removal, dead wooding, pruning
  • Tree removals – felling, section felling (dismantling)
  • Site clearances – large and small, trees, shrubs, etc.
  • Hedges – trimming, reductions, renovations
  • Fruit trees – preservation, renovation and maximising crop yeilds
  • Disease identification (Dutch Elm disease, Sudden Oak Death, Ash Dieback)
  • Tree and hedge planting and establishment
  • Mobile saw milling, wood chipping, log splitting
  • Owl, bird and bat boxes installed and bee swarms retrieved
  • Garden swings hung and the occasional cat rescue…
hedge trimming